At Alerce Biologix, our commitment lies in harnessing the placenta’s untapped potential to 
revolutionize healthcare and positively impact lives worldwide


About Us

Alerce Biologix is a premiere wound care company whose focus matches its vision in providing the latest and most effective wound care products that advance wound care efficacy and healing. We are committed to bringing to our physician partners biological products that effectively treat patients with “nonhealing wounds/ulcers” there desired result of wound closure.


Our executive team at Alerce Biologix functions as a family unit. Each members brings a diverse set of talents and experiences from various medical specialties and job paths to ensure everything runs smoothly and our clients are satisfied.


Here at Alerce Biologix, our leadership and staff stand by one motto, we “MAKE IT HAPPEN (MIH).”


Distribution of biotherapeutic technologies is a team effort. Alerce Biologix values its partnerships specifically with manufacturers and medical organizations that share in its core value and mission: To heal the nonhealing. Together, in conjunction with our partnerships, we deliver biological solutions.